About Us

On occasion, we will put together alcohol and wine tasting events here at Mossy Creek Wines And Spirits. If you are interested in trying a new wine, spirits, or beer, then this is the perfect opportunity to try something new and discover all the wonderful things that we have here at Mossy Creek Wines And Spirits. It's also a great time to meet new people as you indulge in the liquor that we have here. Here at Mossy Creek Wines And Spirits, we also offer veteran discounts on liquor and other discounts as well. When it comes to the community, there is nothing more that we want to do than provide our services any way that we can.

Whether you are looking for vodka mixers and rum, schnapps and tequila mixers, or just a place that has gatherings and liquor discounts in bulk, Mossy Creek Wines And Spirits is definitely the place for you. So come on in today and have one of our friendly staff members help you out. You can be sure that no other place is more happier to serve you than the staff at Mossy Creek Wines And Spirits. So come by today.